A Word from the Founder

Discover Local Treasure is especially designed to be a Local Small Business Review and Social site with an online Community(DLT Friends) who share with each other Refer a Friend Offers. They do this by adding businesses that offer Refer A Friend Bonuses to our directory.


No scam here. Owner does not manage, hold or handle any money belonging to DLT Friends.


Individual DLT Friends personally reward other DLT Friends for making the purchases that bring the Refer a Friend Bonuses.


One of the great things about Discover Local Treasure is that everyone can benefit from each others work introducing others to Discover Local Treasure.

Those of you who are time limited or just do not do the referring as well as some others, can still be randomly chosen to refer someone to a business and receive the Refer a Friend Bonus…

…you could just make a few purchases from the listed businesses of your choice through the year (even if they are cheap purchases) and still be randomly chosen to receive Bonus Cash and indirectly receive 7 Tier Rewards (even if you haven’t gathered one person).

However, every DLT Friend can greatly increase their earning potential by consistently introducing Discover Local Treasure to others and by checking with our listed businesses first before you go somewhere else for the things you need or may want.

To a certain degree, the DLT Friends Community are asked to help us keep an eye open for any cheaters or abusers; and any mistakes that need to be fixed. Please report it. Also, the more experienced DLT Community Friends may assist newer and less experienced DLT Friends concerning questions or issues they may have. This can be done in our Forum.

This is so that more money can go towards rewarding DLT Friends instead of an expensive administration.