Add a Listing

Adding a Listing:

–Businesses being listed must be offering a Refer a Friend Bonus at the time of being listed.

–Check to make sure the business you want to list is not already listed:

–See “Search Listings” in site menu (type the business name accurately).

–If it is already listed… just add your review (if you made a purchase) so that you can be chosen to receive Refer a Friend Bonuses.

–If the business is web based, simply move the location marker somewhere on the map so that the listing will submit.


To Start Creating your Listing:

after logging in, click/tap the plus (+) sign at top of page… Click/tap “Listing”.


How to Add a New Category for your Business (if necessary):

–After typing in the Business Name and description, you will be asked to choose a Category for your Business from a dropdown.

–If you don’t find a suitable category in the list of categories in the dropdown,  you will be able to create a category yourself for your particular business. Be sure to save the work you’ve already done by click/tapping “Publish” because you have to leave this page to create a category.  You can easily find it again by click/tapping “Listings” in your Dashboard menu items.

–Now in your Dashboard menu items… Click/tap “Listings”… click/tap “Listings Categories”.

–Do not worry about filling out anything else on the “Listing Categories” page except typing in what you want to name the category for your business. Then scroll all the way down past everything else and click/tap on the “Add New Listing Category” button. That’s it.