Add a Review

–You must have made a purchase from the business to qualify to write a review.

–You may write reviews for listed businesses where you made purchases before you joined this site.

-Just be honest in your review. If you had a bad experience, let others know.


How to find the business to add your review:

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-See “Search Listings” in site menu (type the business name accurately). –When the business listing profile appears you will see the menu items: “Profile” – “Map” – “Reviews”… click/tap “Reviews”.

–Scroll down to see the “Leave a Review” box. 

–If you can’t find the business in our listings, add it yourself. See “Add a Listing” in site menu. [/read]


How to increase your odds of being chosen for Refer a Friend Bonuses:

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–Every DLT Friend may send their reviews to the top of the review lists “once”  during each month of each year.

– In addition to this, each time you make an “additional purchase” from the same business you may write an additional review.

–The more times your reviews get to the top of the review lists… and the more reviews you have that does that, can greatly increase your odds of being chosen.

–You will need a clear picture of the purchase receipt, that documents each additional purchase, added to the reviews.

–Do not create any “Purchase Proof” posts for additional purchases from the same business.

–You will not qualify for Bonus Cash or 7 Tier Rewards on additional purchases from the same business.

-A Refer a Friend Bonus must result from a purchase for you to qualify for Bonus Cash and 7 Tier Rewards. [/read]


How do I Send my Review to the Top of the Review list:

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–Easy! Simply click/tap “Edit” (it’s right below the review).

–Then copy the contents of your review.

–Then move your review into the “trash” (you will be automatically taken back to the “Leave a Review” section).

–Paste your copied contents into the review box and click/tap “Submit”.

–You are permitted to do this only once each month (it doesn’t have to be the same day of the month). Please do not cheat. We hate to see any of our DLT Friends have to go. [/read]


**Listed reviews will expire after a full year in which a **qualified purchase** has not been made by the author of the review(s). If your reviews do expire, they may be reactivated after you make a **qualified purchase**.