Add Listing

Before adding a listing:

–Businesses being listed must be offering a Refer a Friend Bonus at the time of being listed.

–Check to make sure the business you want to list is not already listed.

–Use the listings search box in your DLT Friend Dashboard. (type the business name accurately).

–If it is already listed… just add your review (if you made a purchase) so that you can be chosen to receive Refer a Friend Bonuses.

–If the business is web based, simply move the location marker somewhere on the map so that the listing will submit.


Claim your business (free)…

We Need:

–your business name, business address, business phone number and business email.

You must register to the site.

–We need your full name, your site username and site email.

Send to:

–Type in: “Claiming my Business” as the subject.


–Administration will change the listing ownership to you..

–This could take up to 3 days to complete.