Add or Claim a Listing

Before adding a listing:

–Check to make sure the business you want to list is not already listed.

–Use the listings search box on “Homepage” page. (type the business name accurately).

–If it is already listed… just add your review (if you made a purchase) so that you can be chosen to receive Refer a Friend Bonuses.


To Add a Listing:

-Must register and be logged in.

–Go to your dashboard menu items.

-Tap “Places”… “Add New”.


–Please be as accurate as possible with all info you put in the business listing.

–Be sure to add Refer a Friend Bonus info with the business description.


–While creating your listing, you must add a business location to the map or the listing will not submit.

If the business is web based, simply move the location marker a little bit on the map so that the listing will submit.


Business owners:

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