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How to Finish Setting Up Your “Send a Reward” Post…  [read]

–Go to the shortcode at the bottom of this content. In the shortcode you will see…  tag=”.

–First of all, you will need to delete the very “first” tag you see and the comma after it.

–It may be a username tag or it may be a “rotator tag” (bonusrotator or staffrotator).

–Do not delete the parenthesis.  Do not leave any space between the parenthesis and the next username (or rotator tag) down.

–Then, after the “last” username (or rotator tag) you see in the shortcode, type in a comma then your sponsor’s username’

-Do not delete the parenthesis symbol. Do not leave any space between your sponsor’s user name and the parenthesis.

–Here’s a bit of a visual for you: [… tag=”(delete this first username or rotator tag and the comma,) …, …, …, …, last username or rotator tag, (add your sponsor’s username here)”]

–After that, make a copy of the entire content again and paste it into the excerpt box which is somewhere below this content box.

If you are not sure you did it right or feel it seems too complicated, just go ahead and click/tap “Publish”… then click/tap “view page”… when the published page appears, look above the title and click/tap the ‘Report Issue” button.

Type in: Need help with my “Send a Reward” post… then submit it. 

We will be more than happy to check it out and finish it up. [/read]


“Send a Reward” link:

[display-posts orderby=”rand” posts_per_page=”1″ tag=”bonusrotator1, bonusrotator2, bonusrotator3, bonusrotator4, bonusrotator5, bonusrotator6, bonusrotator7″]


Note: If you are viewing the “inactive” shortcode version of this post, but need to view the “active” version, then click/tap on the date directly above the post title.