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Discover Local Treasure is especially designed to be a Local Small Business Review and Social site with an online Community(DLT Friends) who share with each other Refer a Friend Offers. They do this by adding businesses that offer Refer A Friend Bonuses to our directory.

–You are agreeing not to hold the owner(s) of (DLT) or any of its members liable for any losses or damages you may incur from your acceptance of services; products; business opportunities; any type of deals; exchanges or agreements which information has been simply posted in the Discover Local Treasure Listings or otherwise being simply referred to you through the (DLT) website unless owner(s) or members are found knowingly involved and knowingly colluding in an illegal and/or deceitful activity that caused your loss or damage.

–However the (DLT) staff will be doing continuous random investigations on businesses being posted in (DLT)  and on those who become members of (DLT) to weed out any illegal, deceitful and abusive activity; and non-compliance.

–Even so, you understand and agree that you are participating in (DLT) at your own risk and have been cautioned by (DLT) to do some investigating yourself before you make a purchase, use a service, or make any agreements of any kind; business or otherwise or accept any deals that are referred to you or posted anywhere within the (DLT) website.

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–(DLT) reserves the right to refuse (DLT) membership to anyone for any reason.

–Regarding your participation in (DLT) and concerning the terms set forth above: Any illegal, deceitful, abusive activity; and non-compliance by any member may result in one or more of the following actions against them: warned; suspended; deleted; blocked; blacklisted; terminated; permanently banned; prosecuted (depending on severity).


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