Create your Rewards List Post

Instructions to create your Rewards List Post:

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–Find your “sponsors” Rewards List by typing your sponsors username into the search box (search box is at bottom of every page or post).

–By using the search box, you will notice that your sponsors Rewards List post will be a shortcode version.

–Copy the entire content of the post (with the exception of the links in red that are at the very bottom bottom of the post).


–Now create your Rewards List post:

–Tap on the plus(+) sign at top of page (must be logged in to see it).

–Tap “Post”“Add New”.

–For the post title, type in:

your username here-Rewards List.


–Now paste the copied content into your own “Rewards List post”.


–When you have done the above, refer to the instructions at the bottom of your copied content to ” How to add yourself to to the Rewards List”.[/read]




–If you have questions, go to “Need Help” in “Forums”. See site menu.

–Posts cannot be edited after publishing.

–If you need something edited, tap on the “Report Issue” button on the post that needs editing…

…give the details and administration will begin working on it and fix it for you and will communicate with you by email if necessary.