Earn Money

…Write reviews to be randomly chosen to refer the customer and receive the Refer a Friend Bonus.

…Make Purchases from our Listed Businesses to receive Bonus Cash and 7 Tier Rewards on Purchases you make. Big earning potential.

…Bonus Cash and 7 Tier Rewards can be received multiples of times during a 3 MONTH period after each **qualified purchase** you make.”


Bonus Cash:

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…Cash Rewards that come out of the entire DLT Friends Community. [/read]

7 Tier Rewards:

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…Cash Rewards that come out of your direct and indirect referrals. [/read]

What is a Qualified Purchase:

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–It is a purchase from one of our listed businesses that results in a Refer a Friend Bonus, a “Purchase Proof” post has been submitted and is within 3 months of the publish date of the “Purchase Proof” post. . [/read]


View your earning potential…


***Add as many businesses as you like to our listings

***You do not have to own the businesses to add the businesses

***You do not have to make a purchase from a business to add the business, but you must have made a purchase from the business to add a review.

***Business owners who claim any business you list, will become your direct referrals (and most likely many of their customers will become your indirect referrals).

Exception: If a business owner owns two or more businesses, then the business owner will become the direct referral of the DLT Friend who authored the listing that the business owner claimed first.




–Purchasers will choose a reviewer to refer them to the business where they will be making a purchase.

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–After choosing a reviewer, the purchaser must notify the reviewer via the DLT Friends Community that they will receive a Refer a Friend Bonus… view how/why…

–To search for a particular review (such as “your” review or belonging to someone you know) details… [/read]

–The chosen reviewer will receive the Refer a Friend Bonus.

The chosen reviewer will then randomly Reward one of their 7 upline DLT Friends who is **qualified** to receive it.

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–The Reviewer must notify the **qualified** DLT Friend via the “DLT Friends Community” that the Reward was sent… view how/why…  

–The Reviewer will split (50/50) the Refer a Friend Bonus with the **qualified** DLT Friend.

Note from founder:  My friends and family I have referred  in the past, always expected  me to split the Refer a Friend Bonus with them because they made the purchase that brought the Bonus… and I pretty much expected the same when “I” made the purchase. It’s  just  been the unwritten rule since the refer a friend thing started.

But look, make a purchase that results in a DLT Fiend receiving a Refer a Friend Bonus… make a cheap one if you have to… and set yourself up to have many DLT Friends splitting their Refer a Friend Bonuses with you in the form of  Bonus Cash and 7 Tier Rewards. [/read]

–This is done in appreciation to the DLT Friends for making the purchases that brings the Refer a Friend Bonuses.

–After submitting a ‘Purchase Proof’ post, the purchaser is then **qualified** to immediately begin receiving Bonus Cash and 7 Tier Rewards (see how to submit a “Purchase Proof” post below under “Making a Purchase”).


Do not hesitate to reward our DLT Friends who make the purchases!

This is big motivation that keeps those Refer a Friend Bonuses coming!



Getting Started

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Making a Purchase

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How to Reward a **Qualified** DLT Friend

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I find my Dashboard menu items:

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–Tap round icon at top left of page after being logged in

–Tap “Dashboard”

–Tap dashboard menu icon (upper left of page)[/read]