How to Write Your Review

–At the top of your review, type in the name of the business your review is for.

–At the bottom of your review, add a clear picture of purchase receipt.

–If no purchase receipt is available, the business must be able to verify your purchase via phone call. If so, add business phone number.

–Also, your active “referral links” are  accepted as Purchase Proof. If so, add “referral link”.



How to increase your odds of being chosen:

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–You may move your review to the top of the reviews “one time” each month. (that is, sometime before the end of each month).

–You may do this simply by tapping the edit link and then tap the publish link.


How to have even greater odds of being chosen by a purchaser:

–Each time you make an additional purchase from the same business:

–You must edit your original review to reflect the most recent purchase (this includes the review date).

–Must replace picture of previous purchase receipt with the new purchase receipt.

–Each time you edit your review, it will move to the top of the review list.

–Do not make frivolous edits to simply move to top of list. Penalties will be applied.

— Edit only as instructed here.


When you are chosen by a purchaser:

–You must add the username of the purchaser to the bottom of your original review.

— You must put the @ symbol in front of username. For example: @garydh03

–Change the date of your review to the current date. 

Each time you are chosen by “another” purchaser:

–You must change the username of previous purchaser to the current purchaser.

–Change the date of your review to the current date.[/read]



When you receive your Refer a Friend Bonus:

–You must notify the purchaser via the “DLT Friends Community” that you have sent the rewards.

–You do this by tapping on the username of purchaser on your review…

–Or you may navigate to the DLT Friends Community to do so.