Sending Rewards

–How to Find a Purchasers Rewards List:

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–Navigate to the Rewards List post of the purchaser who chose you to refer them:

–Go to SEARCH POSTS box at bottom of any page or post.

–Type in username of purchaser who chose you. Tap “Search”.

–When the purchasers “Rewards List post” appears, go to the bottom of the “Author Bio” and tap on the “post date” (it will be in red).

–This will bring up the purchasers Rewards List that is active. The post you were on only shows the Rewards List in shortcode.

–Now follow instructions to begin rewarding.[/read]



DLT Friends:

–You are required to reward DLT Friends on the Rewards List no later than 14 days after the date of a qualifying purchase.



–What if a Refer a Friend Bonus is other than Cash… details…