Submit Your Purchase Proof Post

Instructions to create your “Purchase Proof posts”:

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–Must be logged in.

–Copy the entire content of the review that pertains to your “Purchase Proof post”.


–Now tap the plus(+) sign at the top of page.

–Tap “post”… tap “add new”..


–In the title box:

Type in your username here-Purchase Proof.


–In the content box:

–Now paste the copied content from your  review into the post content box.



–Scroll down below the content box:

–Tap “Enable Post Expiration”.

–Do not change anything else in the Post Expirator settings. They are already pre-set for your post.


–Scoll back up and tap “Publish”.


–Please do not try to cheat. Administration staff and DLT Friends are constantly checking for cheating.

–There are strict penalties for non-compliance and cheating.[/read]




Posts cannot be edited after submitting.

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–If you have questions, go to “Need Help” in “Forums”. See site menu.

–If you need something edited, tap on the “Report Issue” button on the post that needs editing…

…give the details and administration will begin working on it and fix it for you and will communicate with you by email if necessary.[/read]



–Before submitting your Purchase Proof post:

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–The reviewer you chose must first have sent you the percentage of the Refer a Friend Bonus due to you.

–You must write a review regarding the business and your purchase.


–Check your DLT Friends Community notifications and payment apps records regularly for notification that you received the reward due to you.

–If so, “then” submit your Purchase Proof post.


-If you have not received your due reward by the end of 14 days of the date of your qualifying purchase, then report the issue and administration will check it out.

–Tap “Report Issue” on top of the Purchase Proof post that pertains to the purchase. Write your message.



–The only postings allowed are:

–Reward List posts.

–Purchase Proof posts.

–Administration posts.[/read]



–If you make a purchase from a business that has no reviews yet:

–You do not qualify to submit a “Purchase Proof post”;

–Nor do you qualify for Bonus Cash and 5 Tier Rewards for making the purchase.

–But you “do” qualify to write a review for the business to be able to receive Refer a Friend Bonuses.