WP MLM Feature:

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–You will notice a menu item in your dashboard called WP MLM.

–This has been added to help you keep track of the growth of your referrals and indirect referrals.

–You must tap on “WP MLM” and fill in the required info even if you do not plan on gathering new DLT Friends.




The e-wallet feature of WP MLM has not been activated for the simple fact that they…

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…want too big of a cut of your rewards for the use of the feature.

The WP MLM feature will soon be modified and will not feature the e-wallet service.[/read]



Instead… use Venmo. It is the preferred payment app for DLT.

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–If you just cannot use Venmo, you may use another payment app as long as it works for the DLT Friends you are sending to.

–Also… if you have an account with a payment app that is offering a Refer a Friend Bonus, you may introduce it to another DLT Friend who you are sending a reward to and temporarily use it in order to receive the Refer a Friend Bonus.[/read]



Sending Rewards… details..



Instructions where to post your payment app choices for receiving rewards:

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–navigate to your dashboard menu items

–tapĀ “Users… tapĀ “Profile”

–scroll down to the “Biographical info” content box

–list and keep your payment app options at the top of the content box.


–This is where you may also share anything you would like to tell others in the community about yourself.

–This info shows up under all posts you submit and also on your DLT Friends Community homepage.